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Electronic navigating and electronic posting

Pursuant to your original question. Yes, much as you have learned and adapted to, I have taken my boat(s) places I might never go without the chart plotter, especially under sail. I try to get a feel for any discrepancies before committing to the tight places and I'm always assessing whether that changes. I really enjoy slipping close in to shore under sail in light airs as you do. It's both a challenge and the best way to experience land and sea.

As for posting pics, and relevant to your comments and Phil's question. For me, I'm hoping to see CSBB go to a software that really enables posting photos easily. Especially with regard to re-sizing if needed from my own files. I'm not enamored with a 3rd party picture hosting sites nor the process of re-sizing my photos. Those extra steps really make it just easier to skip the pics but if others are like me, that is a loss to all of us. Pics are the icing on the cake and your photo essays are always most welcomed and appreciated.

I've enjoyed the small community with knowledgeable owners/posters that we have here but it would be nice to expand that reach just a bit too.

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