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Hunter 33

We have a small fleet of 2006 - 2008 Hunters at our club. After a club race two years ago one of the 33's was coming back in and lost power just off our break wall, could not get the diesel restarted. They had all hands on deck, dropped anchor but before it caught they just nosed into the rip-rap on the bay side of wall before pushing themselves off. That bump punched a hole in the bow of the boat. When they got back in, the boat was hauled immediately to keep it from sinking, the fiberglass was also no more than an 1/8th inch, the gelcoat was almost as thick.

That would have been a scary situation if the boat had hit anything when they were further off shore. Hitting something like a container would have been a total loss.

The repair was as the video did, foam, more glass etc.

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