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Re: Comments please on windlass performance

CCA and MCA ratings are pretty much meaningless for windlass use. A CCA or MCA rating is a 30 second rating at 0F (CCA) or 32F (MCA or CA) before the battery voltage falls to 7.2V.. You don't want your windlass motor seeing anywhere close to 7.2V.. There really is no substitute for Ah capacity when feeding a windlass or a bow thruster.

Also the Optima battery, like the Odyssey or Northstar TPPL AGM's all prefer to be charged at 14.6V to 14.7V for optimal health. Charging at less can fairly drastically shorten battery life.

It is not uncommon at all for a windlass to draw more than it's nameplate rating when loaded. Most every windlass maker under sizes the breakers and this can lead to nuisance trips..

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