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bad, bad weather forecasting, when did it go so wrong?

ive just heard the 5 am forecast and i'm relieved and upset.
i've lived and worked the water for years and have had to make decisions for me, my extended family and clients.
the misinformation/disinformation being marketed as 'data' feels more like an infomercial to keep ratings high. substance is weak. facts...not so real.

i'm not up on the history of the weather channel but i think they were bought by nbc, ibm and others. i'm guessing when that happened the push for ratings made the reality of the forecast secondary. wunderground went the same way. once a source for info, its now a wet version of a soap opera.

in my line of work, when i miss the way the weather folks have, i'm liable.
rant over, til the next weather event.
be safe.

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