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Interesting that this came up right now

While the poor weather forecasting on Lake Erie has allowed us to sharpen our boat handling skills this last month I was also wondering just how this all happened? Our first was a prediction of waves 1'-3', winds from the North 4-6mph. Those two things don't go together, ever. Clearing the channel we found waves 3'-6' with winds from the NW well over 15, with higher gusts. No one should be on Lake Erie in a Hunter 27 with waves to 6'.

Similar situation two weeks ago and even yesterday when waves were supposed to be 1' or less, winds shifting from South to NW to 10mph. The only thing correct about the forecast was wind direction, it was indeed from the NW, but at a steady 15, gusting higher. Waves started at about 2' but built higher as the day progressed.

We did our due diligence following the weather before heading out, but the forecast were all wrong.

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