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I mostly stick to NOAA, NWS

I stick to the NWS, NHC and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) all parts of NOAA. They have upgraded their output significantly in the last few years. If it's really critical (like with the extratropical Hermine off the mid-Atlantic coast right now), I read through the discussions and advisories. It hasn't been a simple forecast as they are dealing with multiple models not really built for extratropical reporting and they do a good job of explaining the caveats and possibilities. They also issue public statements that tend toward the worst case scenario in their thinking - I suspect because they think the public won't read all the other stuff. I do use Weatherbug on the phone because I like its radar animation and it summarizes the NWS zone forecasts pretty well. We're Chesapeake Bay sailors (um..., boaters) so don't get into offshore weather.

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