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Re: Running the engine, just to show we did that and a lot of sailing in two weeks.
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In fact, I was ready to go home at the end. Which I found curious and asked my wife if she felt the same. She says it's because we're on vacation, a sailing vacation.

It's not the same as cruising. While we find it extremely relaxing, it also wears you out. I sailed as much as I wanted to. We hiked, we rowed, we dinghy sailed, we explored new desitinations while never moving great distances. We ate very, very well. We melted 200 pounds of ice! We read books. We filled water tanks once and used about 10 gallons of diesel. Buckets of wine disappeared. We didn't break anything and didn't work on the boat. We sailed on and off anchor and mooring. We went days without needing the engine. Every day was a celebration. It's good to be home.

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