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All large sail areas aren't created equally...

He has a fully battened main which is caught within this rig. Of course if he keeps powered-up, then it's going to be a bit "uncomfortable".

I think the risk at the higher boat speeds is that if you have to reef, you have turn-up into the wind if you use apparent wind speed as your test.

I've found that "seduction" of being off the wind can lead to difficult choices -- do you turn-up into relatively steep or uncomfortable seas or live with the fact that you may have to "bite the bullet" if the wind really gets much stronger.

Sometimes, I've not made the "right" choice, myself. Our main is somewhat larger. Usually, we've been fine if we could stay off the wind -- but we have a relative large, balanced, deep rudder and good form stability.

A couple of times I've brought the main in, used the hydraulic vang, and hauled the main down with the wind "dead aft". Other times I've gutted it out by heading-up into the wind or relatively closer to it on a close reach with a fluttering main.

Sooner is more prudent than later in most cases. ;^))))

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