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I know exactly what you mean. 10 to 15 S on Saturday, I forced myself to tie in a reef.

I was only going to a short daysail(rain forecast for sunday, no thanks...). Once I got onboard, I had a few choices: Sit. Leave the main cover on and sail the genoa and mizzen. But I wanted to sail to windward to Rockland, for lunch.

So I tied it in. What a pain! This new main, I haven't reefed all that much. I rigged it wrong initially,...this is ridiculous. I need to practice it. And I haven't mounted the cheek block (it's below, waiting) for the second reef. Plus on the mooring, in the wind, I prefer to tie it in without raising it. I have to do it more often.

But the thing I need more is to be out there in higher winds, more often. You get soft and the increased conditions - if you're not used to them - are unsettling(not to mention for others). Then when you get a boat nicely reefed down, it's a joy to feel the control, the stability. The boat zipped to windward with minimum of fuss, I tacked below Owls Head and realized I'd been conservative, I had a beam reach into Rockland Harbor.

While NOAA buoys nearby recorded winds about 10, gusting to 13, I got a lot a bit more wind. With a single reef in the main, doused mizzen and about 110% on the furler, I was a bit over powered at times, going to windward. However it was smooth sailing. I'd say I was in the 10 to 15 range. That's simply too much wind for my full main-full 130% genoa, going to windward.

Clattering and banging, decks awash, I don't care for that type of sailing.

I'm going to go out this week and mount that second reef cheek block, and the cleat. I've got an idea that I'll tie it in and try it before I need it(which is rare). With my mizzen raised, there's a lot of room between it and a double reefed main. That will put the mizzen in clear air. Then use the genoa for power - unroll it until it's right. A big bonus would be wrestling the main up and down in some wind. So much easier to douse the double reefed sail when you get in a harbor or outside, especially by yourself.

Could be my retirement sail plan, instead of a new boat.

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