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The Suzuki 2.5 is 30 pounds
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That's why I chose it. It was that or the Honda 2.3 and I went in favor of having a manual gear shift and water cooling (a bit quieter but not much).

I look longingly at Torqueedos but the price and the fact the amps are a precious commodity on my boat made me decide in favor of the infernal combustion engine. I use TruFuel to avoid the common fuel system issues associated with using ethanol in small engines. The 2.5 sips fuel so even though TruFuel is pricy it costs me about $35 or less per year (a six pack).

I still would love electric though so I might try a trolling motor next year. They're so cheap (under $200 for a very decent one) it might be worth having both, and the redundancy is good too.

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