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Wow! Beautiful. They cost more than the materials to build old (20+years) EVE.
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I built the first pair of oars when I built the Nutshell. Those are long gone now and I don't know which # pair we currently are running. Our oars take a beating spending their lives (avg. 4-5 years?) floating in the boat. They're foolproof for staying put: The looms slide under the aft thwart. We'll put a lashing at the center thwart if we're going overnight but it rarely is needed. It's a simple system and easy means of getting around on the water that it would be a hassle to add the extra work of an engine(I understand the need for engines with inflatables).

I've settled on 7' oars but I don't think I've ever tried an 8'. While they may be a little better at the main rowing station(4'4" beam), the forward station (forward thwart) is narrower. That forward position is ideal for two to keep the boat on a proper trim. However, I often overlap the grips up there if there's a chop.

It's good to hear your new build is working out so well. Having rowed one of the hulls years ago, I remember it's ease of going through the water.

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