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If you're talking 4 stroke, you're about 10 lbs off...
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From online outboard site:

Tohatsu's 3.5hp outboard motor is an excellent choice for larger canoes, small tenders and inflatables, as well as long shaft applications such as mini-pontoons and small sailboats. This 3.5 HP Tohastsu Motor is an award winning outboard that weighs just 41 lbs and offers exceptional fuel economy.

I've got one of those... it is more than 30 lbs, but still "heftable."

I tie a 4:1 lifting set up to the handle to ensure that it goes "quietly" into the dink. I tried one of those lifting harnesses, and just was not happy with how it wrapped around the motor... just looked ready to slip right off.

So I tie the dink to the mothership, then get in and gently lower the motor to myself.

Not a big fan of the built in fuel tank either... it never seems to be enough fuel when you need to go places. On the flip side, in calm waters, I can row the inflatable just fine.

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