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Re: ...You are only assuming that / Larry, there are some facts out there that you

can't dispute. She did use an illegal, unsecured E-mail server ("which had a 99% chance that it was hacked by at least 5 foreign countries" according to the FBI). Chelsea paid for her wedding with money from the Clinton Foundation, a direct violation of the law (Podesta's -emails). There were two lists for contracts let to rebuild Haiti and if you "were FOB" (friends of Bill, as the e-mail called it), you got the contract and if you weren't, you didn't. (Podesta's e-mails). These are indisputable facts that my male, fact based logic, just screams corruption. The list of the violations of law goes on and on and on and I'm not even considering those. Yes, she hasn't yet been indited for these crimes which, in itself, cries out that she's above the law. This is a bad deal. It's big and it's bad for the country.

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