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Re: ...You are only assuming that / Larry, there are some facts out there that you

You don't really know how much of that is true, or to what extent. It hasn't stood the test of the legal system, and you don't know as a "fact" that it was illegal. The judgement has been made by her political opponents. At this point it's smoke not fire.

Our choices are unfortunate. But I'm not going to go down the rat hole of describing all of Trumps "issues". You're just not looking if you don't see how unqualified and dangerous he is. Here's a shallow man who has no moral compass. If he goes off script he's easily played, and he has trouble staying on script more than about 30 minutes at a time. He spouts the lies people want to hear, but his solutions create bigger problems. The GW Bush era proved supply-side doesn't work. Isolationism doesn't work in this shrinking world, and breaking treaties will only push allies toward enemies who will embrace them. (Do you like the idea of Russia or China becoming a close ally of Mexico? You've got to think about who you piss off, and how they might respond.)

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