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roller furling issue

The in-mast furling is working like a champ, now we are having issues with the headsail. We were out Sunday and had a great ride, coming back in to the channel we were bucking the traffic outgoing that was part of a bottleneck created by two of the biggest tugboats I have ever seen, two giant dumper barges and a crane barge that was dredging the shipping channel. I always like to be under power in this area because many of the boaters do erratic things on their way out fishing or to the beaches. We nosed into the wind, rolled up the main and got the jib about half way in when it stopped. I tried a couple of times to wind it in with no luck. It would unfurl with no problem but would stop dead when trying to furl, almost like it was a ratchet. The Admiral put a couple of wraps of the furling line around the main sheet winch but couldn't get it to budge, although she didn't use the winch handle either. Things were starting to get interesting with the other boat traffic as upwind meant crossing the channel at a right angle. It is possible that I lost my patience or maybe just had enough of the situation, in any event, I locked the wheel, took the furling line with both hands and put a foot against the winch. There was a loud bang and the sail furled as nice as you please.

We got back to the dock and could find nothing wrong. This was the second time in two outings that the jib furler jammed.

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