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agree with Al...
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I use Harken, and my dock neighbor also had Harken... He needed to rotate his guard after installing some new blocks... all it required was loosening the lower nut which allowed the guide to come off some lock grooves and be rotated to realign to the grooves in a different location. The whole thing was like a star washer fitting into a receiver... you can just rotate the "washer" to fit into receiver at a different angle.

I too did the same after reinstalling the furler during rebuild.

I suspect your system has something equally as easy to adjust. BTW this adjustment did not affect the headstay tension at all.

Bottom line... those "bangs" mean something... I always check them out... you found the "something." Good on you.

Yeah, it could have been the halyard popping off the foil... but ya gotta look.

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