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All good
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I set time over the weekend to look over both furling units with no one around and no outings planned. As you guys thought, once I got down and looked the Shaeffer jib furler over the shroud was indeed clamped on, not hard fastened. I loosened the bolts and rotated the shroud 45*, tightened things up and we are good to go. I replaced the plastic bullseye fairleads with Harken ball bearing stanchion blocks and adjusted the lead block to feed the line to the furling drum at 90* so the whole system works like a champ now. I ran the sail in and out at the dock a few times just to be sure.

I took advantage of the light air to also run the main sail all the way out. Setting the proper tension on the cap shrouds was definitely the answer. The sail unfurls and furls easily, no winching required.

I was so pleased with the jib furling unit working out that I lost my mind for a few seconds and said out loud "that's the last project!" A soon as I said it I knew I had jinxed myself, even with a dock neighbor knocking on my wooden dock bench on my behalf while shaking her head..........before wrapping things up for the day I decided to run some fresh water through the pressure water system to keep the yick from growing in the lines...........batteries on, water pump switch on, pump runs, no pressure. It looks like the diaphragm went south.

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