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Opinions on ElectraScan

Our cruising grounds are Puget Sound and B.C. Everyone knows how fun it is to find then use a pump-out station. Assuming it works once you get there.

Over the years I have spoken with a handful of people with Lectra San units (now ElectraScan) and they all swear by them. Even the ones on the Columbia River where they had to use the brine tank. None of these users has had a complaint about it not working or being finicky.

We have room for one in a good location. At present we have the standard Y-valve to either the tank or overboard. The plan would be to keep the tank and put the EScan unit downstream of the Y-valve in the overboard line. We will need to keep the holding tank since our marina has a no discharge policy and also nice restrooms nearby. There has been some discussion of making Puget Sound a no-discharge zone but that is probably years off.

Anyone think of any pro/con issues I haven't thought of?

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