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Re: Plumb a overboard option from the holding tank....

We already have the macerator discharge from the holding tank and have used it when cruising in B.C. where discharge is legal except for some of the coves where there is active aquaculture. Up there we only dump the tank in open waterways. B.C. guidelines are to discharge when the boat is in motion, i.e. not at anchor or at the dock. A very reasonable suggestion. The impetus for the Electro Scan is for use in Washington waters. The designation of Puget Sound as an NDZ has been kicking around for years. It will probably happen sometime but the timing is uncertain.

My original post was more to get users' experiences with the Electro Scan. The decision to go ahead vis-a-vis the possibility of future NDZ designation will require some mulling over. Technology is easy, politics is hard.

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