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I hear people who have them say they love them.

But... I would want to spend several days on a boat with one before making that plunge ;o). I hear talk about urine tanks that gives me pause. What I would really like is one of those Mr. Fusion things that Doc had in Back to the Future. Energy from waste.

Back in aught 70-something I went to an RV dealer to buy a heater for my funky conversion van. The salesman that greeted me wanted to know if I would like to look at their newest, fanciest motorhome. Nothing like what is out there now but it was pretty posh. One of the cool features was a system that fed the holding tank stuff into the exhaust system while you were driving down the road. The temperature in the exhaust was reported to be enough to completely incinerate the stuff. I could picture what it would be like to be following one of those if there was a "little problem". I don't think the feature caught on.

By the time I make up my mind I would expect that the slow cogs of government might have made the question moot by making Puget Sound an NDZ.

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