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We give a quick spray with a vinegar-water mixture after #1. Once in a while you have to try to get into the little spaces and clean any scale that has accumulated. We also use denture cleaning tablets to clean the jug periodically. The jug does have some smell but you generally only notice it when emptying it, either overboard or ashore. (I believe there is a new version from one of the manufacturers that lets you pump the pee overboard). Our head is vented to a mushroom vent on the side deck (where the old pumpout used to be) and it's well clear of the cockpit so any smell is rarely noticeable - if it is it's loamy, not that bad. The periodic cleaning out of the peat is far less onerous than I though it might be. I just use some latex disposable gloves, it feels like you're working in the garden. Best done if the head has been unused for a few days or longer.

I don't want to oversell it, it probably isn't for everyone, but for us it is the best solution going.


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