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Yep, it's priorities. The amount of time you spend on your boat, shows.

And how you use it. A full cockpit enclosure is a fairly rare sight around here. Mostly because the average snowbird doesn't come this far North. The bulk of the boats we see are used seasonally, and most that come from away, are from Southern NE. When you see a long distance cruiser on the coast of Maine, you can often pick it out by the gear it has on deck.

I spend many dawns on the bridge deck in our cockpit. It's the only place outside of the cabin that is dry in the morning, on our boat. It's over 6' long and nearly 2' deep. With my new locker lid drains and strategically located deck scuppers(small bronze pipes), the inevitable dew that collects in the cockpit, stays off the bridgedeck.

I store cushions under the dodger at night and throw them on the bridgedeck to sit on. With a fresh brewed cup of coffee, a dog - that curiously, is just as eager to watch the sunrise in my lap, it's nirvana.

It's sailing, an escape from home.

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