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This was inevitable. We've been dying here for years.

Phil has patched up this forum several times to keep it running but in doing that, we didn't evolve and integrate into the main forum, and stopped attracting new members. Our CSBB majority has wanted to keep this format but that cost us attracting new members. We're disconnected from because this format can't be integrated into the main page.

I just talked with Mark (Manta 40 Catamaran) on Sailnet. He can't get onto the CSBB, the old format keeps knocking him off. Others have complained they couldn't get on, now they're gone. People like Mark off on his Catamaran for years now, added so much to the CSBB. Some complain about the photo upload and other archaic tools.

It was a great forum in it's day. But now if you don't visit for a few days - click the CSBB,... and there is nothing. There aren't enough members to supply content.

I don't know enough about the IT to know what options we have outside, but I'd vote for becoming a part of the SBO, if Phil can find a way that works for his Biz.

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