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Hey Charlie, Westy, you guys are old regulars on the Trailer Sailer BB.

There is a similar time-line history I think of the TSBB.

Your board seems to be strong with content and members. Have you gained members the last several years? Or has the TSBB resembled the CSBB in a downward number of participants. I know some old members are no longer there.

Do TSBB posts go into the 'latest posts' on the SBO so other members see a post that may interest them? Or are you guys sort of isolated like CSBB from the main SBO group?

What about when you went to the current format. Did you lose - gain posters, did people have trouble using it?

Does it have the same sort of limited photo loader we have here? We've always had posters complain about that. I long ago went to a posting software. But those only last so long, they scroll off after a few months. A forum needs a good easy to use photo storage on it's BB.

Also, I remember you had another shadow forum or something with the old format that some still used (do I have that right?). What happened to that?


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