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Get- been on TSBB since 96, and on here since CWBB

Posting on TSBB has declined from years ago, mostly via attrition. Many posters have simply faded out of sailing, and some have gone to power boats, or much larger, non trailerables. Some of those still frequent the board. in the late 90's, early 20's the board would have 400-500 posts a day. Now not nearly that many. Of course back then I was at work all day, and only looked in the evenings. Now?? I'm retired, so look often. Maybe too often

On the weekly chat sessions, we used to have 15-18 people nightly (Weds, Sat) Now down to one, two,, maybe 5 on a busy night. I attribute that to social media

I don't believe post on TSBB show on SBO- when i go there, I only go to the Ask All Sailors board myself, so really don't know, but I think a separate entity, as is this one

Yes, ,there was some difficulty with the new board, but almost all the bugs have been worked out. There are a few minor glitches left, but none critical

Photo posting is ok. Different from here, and photos stay hosted Allowed sizes are larger. The limit here has frustrated me many times. I think TSBB has a good setup,, but that's just me

The shadow forum was only during the trial of the new format. Gone now

Interestingly, I JUST now realized there was another Trailer Sailor forum on SBO- Never used, it never saw it, but looking over the names of the posters there, none are familiar names from TSBB- Many ARE familiar from Ask All Sailors

Hope this answers your questions. If not, ask again, I'll try to help

And as an aside- I too have been puzzled at the drop off in posts -some times several days go by with no new posts. But then, other good forums are now dead. Plastic Classic used to buzz- now? Last new post there was in November, 2016. We aren't THAT bad

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