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Starting a new forum is trivial, it literally takes about two minutes. The head-scratcher is getting old content into it.

It would involve creating new users for all the users here, which would cause them to have new user ID numbers. Then converting the user ID's in the CSBB content to match the new ones.

In the content files, chances are the child posts are only indexed to their parent and not the new topic (first post in the thread). So that would require some sort of script to track it back to the first post. Bottom line, lots of opportunity for human error.

The text archive is a good idea.

Converting it over to the TSBB format is also a good idea (Charlie, I can't believe I didn't remember that myself!). Although that still leaves you with an unconventional forum.

Maybe what we need here is a poll to put some votes against various options. I'll see about doing that today.

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