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Since I retired, I've done the entire coast ICW, from Port Isabel, Texas, to

Annapolis Maryland, plus 3 months in the Bahamas.

Then single hand from Mob Jack Bay,, back around to Texas, including across part of the Gulf of Mexico.

Then last year a single hand trip, here (Port Lavaca) over to Fort Walton Beach, in Florida, and return

Lately been sailing once or twice a week, trying to teach a female friend how to safely single hand her own boat. If the winds aren't blasting, we'll go tomorrow.

I, at 75, seem to not have the interest in long trips anymore, at least single hand. Maybe if I found another compatible mate, I'd go again. Would love to get back to Bahamas

But, yeah, I'm sailing

Might be the first pic of me I've ever posted here, in what? 15 yrs, since Cruising World BB days

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