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Re: If I retired, would I get sick of sailing? I've been retired 10 years now and

recently moved back aboard after 3 long years of dirt dwelling. We've been on a mooring in Avalon for a week and prior to that did a week at anchor at Santa Barbara Island and a week leasirly working our way up the coast from San Diego. We have another week on the island and then it's back to SD, pick up the jeep and head for Lake Tahoe for a week of off roading. Then it's another week on the boat fixing an oil leak which has developed and then off to Virginia and Boston for a couple of weeks of sightseeing. That puts us pretty close to late October for the start of the Baja ha ha. Between all that I have to fit a new main sail, get three spare water pumps rebuilt, my sail mail up and running, my spot on line, hauled out for an insurance survey and about a hundred other things. Sick of sailing? Only if you've lost the fever. I have plenty of other things going on besides sailing and so could you. We will spend the season in Mexico, return, buy a fifth wheel trailer and truck and start seeing the US. Sick of sailing? Why?

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