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All good to hear. Beyond being onboard a month or so, I don't have any aspirations to cruise long

distance. I enjoyed doing a bit of that when I was younger but the memory of days under power still lingers. In fact, after a year, I tired of that and was ready to get off.

I've found in the years since, what I like is moving under sail along a coast. That means many fewer miles get covered unless you're off the coast for a few days.

My 'dream' at this moment is for my wife and I to go off for a month and stretch our distance a bit - in both directions - along the NE coast(Southern NE and Canada). We wouldn't need to change the boat or load it down. It's ready to go now, simple light coastal cruiser.

This would be the same endeavor we enjoy right now, only a bit longer. I know a few folks (Paul and LIse Dunn for instance) that do something like this. Plus a few in this area rent their houses out during the season which we would do. We have half of it rented out right now(it's a big house).

That would allows us to travel a bit (out of carry-on bags), in the off season, another passion of ours.

Plus we love where we live. I wouldn't want to give up the entire year here. This area is the best sailing I've found in our travels (so far), along the east coast.

Thanks for the feedback.

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