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Re: Thanks, Steve. So you are living aboard, again? Yep! We turned the condo into a "cash cow".

We had plans on keeping it so we could have it to come back to but when we decided to buy a 5th wheel and see the US during the summer months it didn't seem like it made much sense so we rented it. After three years of dirt dwelling we were sitting watching the flat screen one evening and decided we were wasting what time we had left. We figured we had one more cruise left in us. At least one more. We found a property manager the next day and a month later we moved back aboard. It helped that last summer we spent 6 weeks aboard around Catalina Island which planted the seed. We're sitting in Avalon right now. It's funny but I thought the boat was ready, not! I found a new oil leak, the AIS doesn't work, the mainsail is shit and I've got my work cut out for me. That's cruising isn't it?

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