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Pretty much what I see

several of our sailing friends have recently retired(2-5 years ago), I kind of documented this here before but will add the high points. All, every single couple, had plans to travel. Every single couple upsized and bought newer boats just prior to retiring. They worked on them getting ready to go, some more than others.

Fast forward to post retirement finds only two ever left the dock for more than a day or two. The same two did a couple of weeks in the upper great lakes once. Of those two, one has since sold his Beneteau and bought a Nordic Tug which he uses the heck out of for traveling. The other was planning on the ARC and south, now daysails. His Beneteau is for sale and he is looking at a Ranger Tug as well, but in the 30' range. They plan on doing the TenTom, the Erie Canal and there is another canal in Canada the name escapes me. Three other couples daysail if/when they leave the dock, rarely even spend the night because none have AC and the boats are too uncomfortable. Of these, one is talking about downsizing to a 24-27' powerboat, one is talking about a houseboat.

Although all of these folks now have the time, the desire seems to have gone away for whatever reason? Only one couple actually said they were getting too old to be climbing around and maintaining a sailboat, they are both in their late 60's.

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