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Re: October winds are here, early. How do you tie your second reef in(or third)?

Would use a bowline rather than a buntline hitch to attach the clew reefing line. The buntline hitch is a slip knot that will tighten around the boom locking it in place on the boom. Would prefer a non slip knot like a bowline so the line can move along the boom as tension is taken on the reefing line.

On last boat didn't have hook on the goose neck to attach the tack reefing point to. installed a cleat on either side of the boom. Ran a line from one cleat through the tack reefing cringle and back to the cleat on the other side. Positioned the cleat so the tack reefing line pulled down and aft. Could have used a padeye on one side instead of a cleat but wanted to be able to work the line from both sides.

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