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The last memorable kick back I had, was vid # 2.

Exactly that situation where the stock has the semi circle from the table saw blade. My stock - 1/2" plywood - was larger, more than a foot square. I was running it through the table saw with a fence, taking about an inch off it. I was using a push stick(I think).

I don't know what happened. Suddenly I was hit in the abdomen with a force that felt like a shotgun blast! So fast, so powerful, that shook me up. I'm not sure how it happened but I recognize the situation and will prevent it happening again.

My table saws have no guards. They're way scarier without them and it's fear, I think, that has all my fingers after running miles of stock through saws. I value my talented fingers as much as a concert violinist or a surgeon does.

BTW, I couldn't watch any of the kick backs, I know what was coming and closed the videos.

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