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On the sailboat my system...

Is black iron from the manifold port (mounting flange, elbow, piece of pipe, street elbow, westerbeke injection elbow then hose to a centek waterlift. The riser gets the injection elbow above the waterline and above the waterlift muffler. The muffler is sized to accommodate all the water in the system above the muffler at shut down. The riser is pretty heavy so I rigged a support bracket to the underside of the bridge deck to hold it up and remove torsional loads from the connection point on the manifold.

On the powerboat the injection elbow is on the engine but is above the waterline. From there hose goes to the centek waterlift muffler then up above the waterline, through a centek check valve and out the transom above the waterline (about 3") with a small "12"" loop just before the exhaust port. No problems for the last 5 years.

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