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plastic tube. Remove the rubber valve. Slide the tube through the hole in the cap (which happens to be 1/4 inch) and roll a small "0" ring. Replace the cap into it's original position. Then drill a hole into the side of the bronze cockpit drain fitting and tap for a 1/4 inch NPT. Screw a standard 1/4 NPT to 1/4 inch compression fitting onto the cockpit drain. Connect the 1/4 inchat the tube and compress the nut. Done. I used 1/4 inch black plastic tube and it worked fine at the vented loop and the compression fitting. Looking at your picture and thinking about it (2) I believe that the distance from the injection elbow to the muffler would be fine. Once the water is injected into the elbow and comes out, it comes out directly into a rubber hose. Once it hits the rubber hose it's cool enough. (1) Gas has weight and would naturally fall down into the muffler but your guess is as good as the next guys. (3) I don't believe the height of the injection valve would matter because it should be below the flange anyway. Add to the
hose rise to the vented loop you would't have the volumn of water for it to matter. Just some thoughts.

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