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Thanks. I see you too braced your riser to the hull.

I was leery of that as I worried the vibrations from the engine could stress the manifold connection seal or other joints. But I can't see an easy way to connect a brace to the engine that would be effective.

I won't have too long a riser but the weight of the parts are substantial. Yours and Todd's are having no problems. Maybe I'm overthinking it because my manifold plate is about 3" wide and 4+" long with 4 bolts. But the bolts are 5/16" which seems a little small.

I take it the top of your riser is well above the waterline? Do you have a vented loop on the water intake line? If so, where?

Your hull is similar to mine. What general shape does your hose to the stern outlet take? Did you get a high loop before the outlet?

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