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I have that issue and the article is timely, for me.

There is a real benefit to tearing out your exhaust, in the fall. No time pressure. You can think things through.

There's more than one way to do something correctly (sometimes, dozens of ways). The riser article was helpful. At first I thought I'd go that route. But I think my rise will be minimal. Once I estimated materials, time to acquire same, then throw in a weld that I can't do (add time again), a stock $100 elbow with a raw water tap, was a deal.

Another appeal to the article was the longevity of the stock parts and the ability to replace components. Going back to my old exhaust that hasn't needed any replacement or maintenance in 54 years, I now have an exhaust elbow that according to research, fails in 3 to 30 years... Progress.

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