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Re: I see. Here's the inside of my engine compartment and the proposed muffler/riser. / You don't

have to go up from the injection elbow. You can go down to the muffler and then up to a vented loop, back down to just above the water level and out the back. The only water you will end up with in the muffler is the amount that's between the muffler and the vented loop. If you put a resonator in line below the vented loop the last section can come out at 90 degrees for a really clean installation. You can take the air valve off of the loop and run a 1/4 inch hose and tap it into your cockpit drain bronze cockpit fitting and never worry about a clogged valve again. Also you can look down the drain to see that you are pumping water because some water will always be coming out. That's exactly the way mine is and I never have had an issue. Also, in fact, I think it would be a bad deal to go up right out of the manifold because it would cause water to drain back to the manifold every time you shut the engine off. It should go down from the elbow as far as you can get it.

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