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On Hudson, Boats in Water did better than on the hard
By:Karl S/V Mabel Rose
Date: 10/31/2012, 7:20 am

We had gusts to 90 mph at Piermont. At Nyack Boat Club, 25 of the 96 boats out in the exposed mooring field broke loose, inluding a classic old wooden Atkins Ketch. The 12' storm surge carried moored boats into the dry sail area, into the parking lot of the condos next door, onto the lawn of the vacant lot next door.

Boats hauled out at Petersens did not necessarily fare any better. Darryl told me that 25 hauled out boats toppled over in the surge and waves. I don't know what kind of damage they suffered.

The lasers and sunfish racks at the Nyack Boat Club were demolished and most of the boats on them were ground up pretty badly. Amazingly, the Tupperware kayaks all seemed to have survived pretty well. I lost a rowing shell and a laser.

We got really lucky with our crusing sailboat, the Mabel Rose. We are usually on a mooring at the Nyack Boat Club. I called Petersens last Thursday to ask them to haul me (already paid up for winter storage) and Gary told me I was too late, too many boats ahead of me in line. So, after Tarrytown Marina first said they would let me tie up, then changed their mind, I took the Mabel Rose up to Kingston and the Rondout Creek, where the Rondout Yacht Basin was very welcoming, and we tied up to some tall pilings as well as the docks. Checked on boat yesterday, not a scratch, not even any signs of chafe on the lines. But even in Kingston, 100 miles from the Narrows, the storm surge lifted two dozen hauled boats from their blocks and scattered them around.

At home, no big deal, couple of downed trees in the woods. No power, of course.

Heres a link to some pictures from Nyack and Kingston on my Facebook page, not sure of the link will work


S/V Mabel Rose

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